Frequently Asked Questions

Why are open to public only Thursday & Fridays?

The focus of our business is servicing professional florists and event planners. By Thursday the special orders have been filled, and we have new products on hand to sell.  Stop in and pick up as little as a single bunch of Babies Breath or 500 roses. With enough notice, we can order your special request flowers for whatever reason you may need them.

What are bulk flowers?

"Bulk" refers to how the flowers are packaged at the farm. For example, roses or carnations are packed 25 stems in a bunch, so they are sold the same way. Some flowers are sold in 10 stem bunches or even by weight. We do not break items down into smaller bunches. You can buy as little as one pack of Babies Breath, so bulk does not necessarily mean a lot.

How soon should I place my special request order?

We recommend ordering your flowers as soon as one month before the event. The latest you can place a particular order is two weeks before the week of your event. For those last-minute needs, we have inventory on hand to choose from for adding the finishing touch. Or you may want to pick up some flowers to make someones' day.

When do I pay for my order?

Orders must be paid in full at the time they are placed. Cash and Credit card payments are the only forms of payment accepted. Flowers will not be ordered from the farms unless payment has been made.

How do I care for my flowers once I pick them up?

We will cut and professionally hydrate your flowers before your pick up date. We encourage you to bring buckets so that flowers can remain in the water, eliminating the need to re-cut them later. We recommend picking your flowers up 3-4 days prior to your event. More information will be included with your order when picking up. 

Do you make flower arrangements?

We are strictly a wholesaler and do not offer design services.  You can find all the products necessary to make your arrangements.  We will assist in identifying flowers and availability from pictures from Pinterest or other sources. Flowers may be available all year round, but they do not cost the same all year round, this is where our expertise comes in. If you are looking for finished arrangements, then contact a flower shop near you.

How many stems of flowers do I need?

Quantity all depends on the number of arrangement's and sizes.  If you choose a container with a large opening, then you are going to need more flowers to fill it. We will let you know how many stems of a particular flower are in a bunch. It is then up to you to calculate how many stems you will need. Not every bud will be perfect. You need to figure in extra stems. Out of 100 roses, maybe five stems not be usable due to mistakes, quality or size. That is normal when dealing with a fresh/live product.